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Institutional-grade Indicators Built for Retail Traders


Unleash the power of data-driven trading with TrendShift

01. Precision Execution

  • Clear signaling of shifts in trend direction.

  • Clear confirmation of signals.

  • Comprehensive risk management framework for safeguarding capital.

  • Robust back-testing utility to ensure the effectiveness of your strategy.

  • No guesswork involved.

02. Versatility

  • Designed for navigating altcoin markets.

  • Excels with Bitcoin, crypto majors, equities, and CFD's.

  • Highly customizable and can be adapted to any market.

03. Community

  • Connect to a community of TrendShift users committed to successfully navigating markets together.

  • 24/7 support from a group of experienced traders.


Precision. Perfected.

TrendShift is a powerful, but simple and easy to interpret, tool for traders looking to improve their edge. Clearly signaled entries, a comprehensive risk management framework, and robust back-testing tools help you navigate markets with confidence.

TrendShift signals are unambiguous and clear, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions and fine-tune your strategy before executing trades in live market conditions.

Indicators that require discretionary input can lead to inconsistent results and make it difficult to replicate a trading strategy. Use of multiple indicators can lead to overfitting and a lack of robustness in the strategy. It is important for traders to find balance by using indicators that provide actionable information without being overly complex. A good indicator should be simple, easy to interpret, and provide clear signals. 

About TrendShift


Created for the difficulties of navigating rapidly fluctuating crypto markets and refined through multiple market cycles. TrendShift is battle tested and proven effective.


We design effective, data-driven tools to help traders of all experience levels stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on market opportunities.


Clearly signaled entries, a comprehensive risk management framework, and robust back-testing tools help you navigate markets with confidence

TrendShift Plans

TrendShift Pro - $2000/lifetime

  • Lifetime access.

  • Early access to new products​.

TrendShift Pro - $100/month

  • Advanced optimization options for trading Bitcoin, altcoins, and equities.

  • Customizable.

  • Back-testing utility.

  • Automation tools.

  • Premium Discord Access:

    • Trading community,

    • 24/7 support,

    • Official trading journal access,

    • Discord alert bots.

Vol-IQ - $2500/quarter

  • Advanced Bitcoin trading algorithm. 

  • Completely automated.

  • Extensive back-testing data available.

  • Ideal for professionals.

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